Coffee Has All-Natural Health Benefits

June 16, 2009 at 3:11 am Leave a comment

The good news is that coffee is finally back in good graces because it has been proven to have numerous health benefits that have just recently been discovered. Coffee, for the past several decades, has definitely gotten a bad rap because it was in a number of studies citing that it had bad health effects, when many of the participants in the studies were actually smokers so the results were skewed.

Right now, as you enjoy your daily cup of Joe, you can also rest assured that you are drinking a natural source of antioxidants, from the findings in a study by the University of Scranton. And what do antioxidants provide for your health? I am sure that you have heard how important it is to drink green tea and a glass of wine for all of the antioxidant benefits, but now recent news and media sources like MSNBC have proclaimed that coffee is actually one of the main beneficiaries of antioxidants for Americans.

The reason behind this is that it is the number one drink of choice by all Americans, so this is where you are all getting your antioxidant intake from. Antioxidants actually work to counteract the damage from free radicals in your body which can harm your cells and cause premature aging, as well as disease. It is completely comforting to know that as you are sipping your Java every day, you are also working to protect your body as a whole.

To conclude, I have to tell you that one of the most eco-friendly and delicious ways to enjoy your daily coffee drink is by using a French Press. This is actually a wonderful and natural way to enjoy your brew because there are no filters being used or discarded, and all you have to do is freshly grind your beans and steep them in boiling water to have a steaming cup of coffee in minutes!

My personal favorite is the Bodum 3 cup French Press, which is a personal size and completely convenient to use in your home or office. Regardless of the way that you choose to enjoy your Java, just know that it is a natural beverage that provides an astounding number of health benefits. I’ll drink to that!

This has been a guest post by Bethany North.  Way to go green blog does not imply any medical or health benefits other than the personal opinion of  Ms. North.  Thank you Bethany for the nice article.  Who doesn’t like a great cup of coffee?


Coffee Has All-Natural Health Benefits


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