an organic bug repellent for pets

June 13, 2009 at 12:47 am Leave a comment

by seamus the eco dog @ 9:54 am

buckmtnbugrep.jpgSummer is finally here, a time when all we furry types hit the yard, beach and under brush for some fair weather fun.  Unfortunately, there is an abundant array of parasites out there just itching to spoil all our good clean fun.  If you don’t want to coat you pet in toxic chemicals I’ve come across an organic powder that will help keep those fleas and ticks off your fido or feline, with the added benefit of helping to rid your home of ants, beetles and mites.

Buck Mountain Herbal Gold Organic Parasite Dust contains organic neem, yarrow and diatom flour.  The neem tree contains a natural chemical, azadirachtin which is an active insecticide, bug repellent and a potent anti-feedant.  seamlksupprofside___1_2.JPGThe neem herb is widely used as a wound healing agent and has reported antimicrobial properties.  Yarrow acts as a repellent to many insects and parasites.  Diatom flour desiccates (dehydrates) many insects, making their life as miserable as a flea bitten pooch.  The combination of these processed herbs is a very effective external parasite dust, which also presents disinfectant and healing properties to skin infections, lesions and other irritations, secondary to infestation.

It’s all organic and pet friendly.  So you can get out there and have some fun without paying for it with an all day scratching episode.

Buck Mountain Botanicals Organic Parasite Dust 3 oz. size is $19.95 @ Use code: OliveAC for 10% off at checkout.

an organic bug repellent for pets : The Alternative Consumer


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