40 Green Home Changes for Earth Day

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When it comes to your house, there’s plenty you can do to green it up. Some choices are large and some are small and while it may seem like the big changes (i.e. placing solar panels on the roof) count for a lot, all those tiny green changes you make add up quickly to create an overall more green lifestyle.

Following is a collection of 40 DIY, not too expensive, easy green home ideas – all of these are perfect small goals for Earth Day and beyond.

10 Healthy Green Home Goals:

  1. Chill out and live simple – good for your mind and rolls over into your lifestyle and home.
  2. Choose only the best natural and organic body care products for your bath and kitchen.
  3. Clean green.
  4. Choose soy candles over wax – they emit somewhat less soot.
  5. When you are sick, use only recycled tissues.
  6. Loose the shoes.
  7. Take a crash course on healthy organics for the home.
  8. Sleep healthy.
  9. Plan some fun in your life with an eco-friendly barbecue.
  10. Grow some fresh air!

10 Green Kitchen Changes To Make:

  1. Use only cloth napkins.
  2. Use that microwave to save energy.
  3. Learn to read food labels – i.e organic vs. natural vs. Fair Trade and more.
  4. Bake green with silicone.
  5. Store your leftovers safely with green food storage options.
  6. Use a natural wood cutting board – or another eco-friendly cutting board choice.
  7. Quit hand-washing dishes OR at least wash them right for energy and water savings.
  8. Next time you buy, purchase eco-friendly dishware and pots and pans.
  9. Green your java addiction.
  10. Make sure you’re cooking smart with stove and oven energy saving tips.

10 Ways To Save Energy:

  1. Do a quick and easy DIY home energy audit.
  2. Always turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  3. Save energy in rooms you don’t use.
  4. Plan ahead for next winter’s energy use and savings.
  5. Plan one lights-out evening each week. Eat dinner and play board games by candlelight, play hide-n-seek in the dark, send the kids to grandmas and figure out what to do with your partner (when the lights are out).
  6. Make it a priority to turn down the thermostat daily.
  7. Ignore crazy old wives tales about energy use.
  8. This cheap office tool can save you energy all year long.
  9. Use LED lighting in a couple of areas of your home.
  10. Calculate how cell phones can save you energy over landlines.

10 Ways To Pump Up Your Recycling Efforts:

  1. Learn all the stuff that can’t be recycled and then do your best to avoid it.
  2. Green audit your trash to make sure you’re recycling enough.
  3. Quit recycling junk mail – just stop it cold.
  4. If you must have them, recycle your plastic shopping bags wisely.
  5. Compost before recycling or tossing stuff in the trash; even if you live in a small apartment.
  6. Create the most attractive home recycling center ever!
  7. Make sure you recycle your hazardous household waste properly.
  8. Cancel all those annoying catalogs.
  9. Create some recycling fun by making your own paper from recycled bills, newspaper, and more.
  10. Recycle everything – from cell phones to your sex toys!

What are your Earth Day plans?

40 Green Home Changes for Earth Day | RiverWired


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